Xuzhou Medical College

Xuzhou Medical College was founded in 1959 as the department of Medicine. The college is located in the Du Fu Plain, Xuzhou Medical College, at the foot of a hill and beside a stream. it occupies a floor area of 720 acres with 40 thousand aquare meters of building space compactly and properly arranged in graceful surroundings. Through construction and development during nearly half a century, the arrangement of disciplines is reasonable and is lead by a strong faculty.

The college has four bachelor programs, Clinical Medicine, Higher Nursing, Diagnostic Radiology and Laboratory medicine, and three master’s programs, Medicine, Medical Genetics, and Surgery. There are over 3000 graduate students, undergraduate students, and adult education students. During the past decade, the college has turned out over 2000 junior and senior undergraduates.

There are 115 members of faculty and staff, 10 administrators and 95 teachers. In which, over 30 have professorship or associate professorship, and nearly 40 have middle-level titles. The college also has one attached hospital of second rate in the third category, and two indirectly attached hospitals of third rate in the first category, totaling over 1200 sickbeds. The college also has nearly 20 hospitals distributed throughout Shaanxi Province that are used for practical teachng, all are above the third category.

Xuzhou Medical College graduates are deeply welcomed by employers all over the province, and are extolled as “being honest in morality, solid in academics, practical in working, and plain in style”. Former Minister of Education, Zhu Kaixuan once visited the college and said, “This college has enterprising spirit, is full of vitality, and run quite well.” Former Minister of Health, Chen Minzhang and former Vice Chairman of Hational Political Consultative Conference, Ma Wenrui also visited the college and highly appraised the school orientation and efficiency.


Tuition Fee: 19,000 RMB per year (Rs. 1,33,000/-*per year)
Hostel Fee: 1,600 RMB per year (Rs. 11,200/-*per year)


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